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       1.General provisions

    1.1 The following rules and conditions will regulate the proceedings of the "My snow leopard" International nature media festival (hereafter called— the Festival) and they are valid until completion of the Festival's events. "My snow leopard" Festival is a cultural, ecological and educational event, available for online participation through Internet access for non-Russian citizens. Its purposes are to distribute information about the biological diversity of snow leopards, and to raise the level of knowledge of society in general about the importance of studying and protecting them. The mission of the Festival is to improve international contacts, in order to involve people all over the world in the problem of snow leopard preservation through scientific and creative activities
    1.2 Sponsors and organizers of the Festival:
    • Sayano-Shushensky State Wildlife Biosphere Reserve;
    • Khakass State Wildlife Reserve;
    • "Balance", an eco-social movement of Krasnoyarsk region.
    It is also supported by:
    • "Russian Geographical Society", a nationwide, Russian public organization (its Khakass office)
    • “RusHydro's Branch “P. S. Neporozhny Sayano-Shushenskaya hydro power plant”.
    1.3 . The festival will be held to increase the level of ecological education of the general population by achieving of the following tasks:
    • to distribute knowledge about all the zoological and botanical elements of the snow leopard's natural habitat.
    • to involve children and adults in researching, creative and nature-preserving activities;
    • to promote means for participants of the Festival to make changes that allow them to be active in the preservation and study of rare species of plants and animals.
    1.4 . The main topic of the Festival is “Ecology and Biology of the Snow Leopard,” including the specifics of its natural habitat, social interactions and interactions with their environment.

       2 . Festival components:

       The festival is held from January 1, 2014, to June 30, 2014, in two stages:
    • Stage I, Preliminary Selection: January 1, 2014 – May 1, 2014;
    • Stage II, Final Selection: May 1, 2014 – June 30, 2014.
       The Culminating Event of the Festival is the "My snow leopard" EcoForum . The ecological forum will be held from June 1 through June 5, 2014, in Shushenskoye, Krasnoyarski Area. The forum motto is, "We will make contributions to the preservation of the total, biological diversity and environmental protection! " Within the Forum, there will be organized work of following platforms : "Debate club", "Opening day", and “Creative Performance".

       3 . Order of Festival Events

    3.1 . At Stage I, Preliminary Selection will proceed on the following topics :
    • "Scientific work";
    • "Research";
    • "Creative Writing" (poem, prose);
    • "Photo";
    • "Creative Video" (footage, animation, video);
    • "Choreographic interpretation";
    • "Theatrical performance";
    • "Vocal and instrumental performance" (solo, group);
    • "Artifacts";
    • "Visual Creativity" (drawing, painting, etc.).
    3.2 . Participants of the Festival will direct the competitive works and applications for participation in the Festival from January 1, 2014 to May 1, 2014 to the following addresses:
    • *e-mail for electronic version of the work (scan, digital picture, video, word document etc.):festival_irbis@mail.ru;
    • *Postal address for the originals (for nominations in the categories of"Artifacts", and "Visual creativity"):Zapovednaya St.,7
      Krasnoyarsk area
      662710, Russia,
      Please, mark all entries clearly for the Committee of "My snow leopard" International Nature Media Festival.
    3.3 . Required information for all applications: (For collective creativity entries, the name of the group or organization will be used on all certificates and diplomas.)

    1 Surname, name, middle name (or for authors of collective creativity – the name of group or organization)
    2 Day, month, year of birth (DD/MM/YY)
    3 A short, biographical essay about the author (short history of work in specified field(s), organizations and achievements, creative credo, favorite authors)
    4 Postal address
    5 E-mail address
    6 Phone number
    7 Category of entry and any special needs (i.e., equipment required for performance, etc.)
    8 Personal signature (scanned) and an author's personal stamp (if available)

    3.3 . Entries which pass Preliminary Selection will be approved for the Final Competition, and participants will receive an electronic confirmation of this, via e-mail.
    3.4 . Stage II of the Festival will be the competition.

       4 . Requirements

    • All competitive works must correspond to a category of the Festival and contain full contact information of authors.
    • Any Visual Creativity entry, in any technique, should be provided on a sheet of exhibition format A4 or A3 and should contain information about the author in its right bottom corner in Word format, Times New Roman/14 font.
    • Any Artifacts entry, in any technique and of any material, has to be packed for ensuring safe transportation and contain a cover letter about it in Word format, Times New Roman/14 font.
    • All Creative Writing entries must be provided in electronic version in Word format, Times New Roman/14 font.
    • All Photo or Creative video entries should be sent as a digital copies.
    • All Choreographic entries require a statement provided in a video format up to 5 minutes in total length.
    • Theatrical performance entries must be oriented for presentation in a format of a Small Hall. The poster with the names (First name, middle initial, last name) of the screenwriter, the director and actors should be attached to the entry application, including technical application and recorded video of the performance.
    • Vocal and Instrumental creativity entries must be provided in video format with the attachment of text (for songs) in the Word format, Times New Roman/14 font, as well as information about authors of melody and lyrics.
    • Research entries need to be provided in electronic version in Word format, Times New Roman/14 font, with spacing of 1,5, up to 20 pages, including a short summary, a list of references and other sources, and should also contain graphic illustrations such as photos, drawings, etc. Annotation and review are required.
    • Scientific work entries should be provided in electronic version in Word format, Times New Roman/14, with spacing of 1,5, up to 30 pages.

       5.Summary of Festival and Awards:

    • Results of Stage I and Stage II of the Festival will be determined by the jury, whose structure and membership will be determined by Festival organizers.
    • The jury of the Festival will approve both the format and structure of participation in the Culminating event (Forum).
    • Winners of the Festival will be awarded diplomas and significant prizes.
    • Sponsorship by natural and/or legal entities of special prizes is welcomed.

       6.Use of competitive works

       Organizers of the Festival have the right: - to use competitive works for non-commercial purposes without reward to the author (group of authors) and without his/her permission, with the required mention of the author/coauthors. Competitive works will not be reviewed by organizers of the Festival and will not be returned to their authors.

       7.All required entry information and/or questions concerning these procedures should be addressed to the Festival coordinator, at:

    Zapovednaya Street, # 7
    662710, Russia
    e-mail: festival_irbis@mail.ru
    phones: 8(39139)32300; 89509969627; 89130575128; 89628485564.
    fax: 8(39139)32300.
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